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tv1 = the vacant one

vbb = vacant big boss (tv1's wife)

vlb = vacant little boss (tv1's daughter)

What is the Vacant Mind Club?

A few people (very few) who actually know who tv1 is (that w/b is) queries tv1 re: What is the Vacant Mind Club?  Well then, vBB once told tv1 that the VMC is whatever a Vacant member wishes it to be.  Profound…huh?  However, in tv1′s tilted mind (an oxymoron) the VMC is based, domiciled, originated, and such from a Vacant personage’s frustrations (that w/b FRUSTRATIONS).  Therefore, you might inquire as to a budding Vacant Personage – Why So? BECAUSE any humanoid at whatever stage of their lives has experienced, CRITICAL LIFE EXPERIENCES and enough FRUSTRATION as they understand it at this time or another to announce “OK, this crappage sucks”.  In most cases, it is because they are actually attempting to make a living to acquire more material goods, prestige, satisfaction (as in Can’t Get No) and etc. etc.

The “shift” has been that those older personages (as defined the 30s to 40s and above) started experiencing this phenomenon.  But now, no……it has now reached down into those huddled masses yearning to be Vacant in their 20′s.  Why? you might ask? – BECAUSE after all the college, trade, instinct preparations to that point in one’s 20′s, it still sucks hard getting a job (of which that one might possibly be interested), business, vocation, avocation, and on and on, BECAUSE one finds
out that this is a necessary evil to actually pay bills, living in an acceptable hovel, and on and on ad infinitum. As Jackson Browne’s lyrics stated – “I’m going to be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender”.BUT ALAS, there is an answer, a solution, a Mantra – “Tired of A LOT OF THINGS - don’t drop out; but step aside with a loony grin on your face into the Vacant Mind Club.  Be aware of the past, keep an eye on the future, but take a vacation into the PRESENT.”  Gee, what a concept.  The VMC is meant to suit up every day (as Woody Allen once said - 80% of success is showing up every day) and carry on camping but with your tongue lodged in your cheek with a reasonable sense of being Vacant and somewhat of a sense of humor - TO SURVIVE.

All of the above stated, announced, transcribed, etc. and therefore:  The VMC is what you want it to be, albeit tv1 currently (that w/b in the Present) is as you read this, floating along in denial (as in da’ Nile is a river in Egypt) just trying to take tv1′s little, baby steps in this world as tv1 currently or at one time or another understands it.

If any of the above does not make a whit of sense to you which tv1 understands (an oxymoron) probably does not, please review the  below in connection with that you might have had any of these experiences – and tv1′s guess is that you already are a candidate for being an official member of the Vacant Mind Club:

1) You are experiencing sensory deprivation or worse, overload at your workplace
or, for that matter, if you’re unemployed – at the unemployment office or nearest
coffee house or bar.

2) You’re asked a question.  You have an answer, but you don’t know what it is.

3) You often experience a heightened state of Vacuity and breakout with a loony grin
on your face for no reason.  Think Alfred E. Neuman!

4) You have demonstrated, in a fair number of life experiences, a profound lack of judgment.  You seek a state of non-recall for this memory malady.

5) You question your consciousness, and your eyes glaze over whenever questioned
about your political beliefs while you’re drinking heavily to forget them.

6) You’re aware of the past and have an eye on the future but can’t seem to take a
vacation into the present.

7) You discover a Vacant Experience when the background is black; your mind is
blank, and a bright or relaxing idea glimmers then glows in your vision.

8) You’re very tired of; Chasing economic success incantations. Pursuing the obfuscation of expensive possessions, Being around people that can’t possibly “get it”. Etc. Etc. yadda, yadda. So you don’t drop out, but you step aside into the welcoming arms of the VACANT MIND CLUB.

9) You shout out Mondo Cane or Ham Bone Mammy for no particular reason(s).

10) You experienced Whirly Beds in college, and you were not drinking alcohol nor
were you consuming illegal drugs at the time?

11) You repeatedly keep hearing the limerick – “I felt a touch upon my behind…..I
wondered who had dared.  I looked around and saw my hand….I didn’t know I

12) You instinctively know that the only thing constant is change, yet you feel
continuous compulsion to keep doing the same dumb things.
ALRIGHTY THEN.  Twelve of these seem to be a nice number to land on.  the vacant one (tv1) & tv1’s loyal staff probably have many more of these trigger truisms that display that you have been esoterically involved in the VMC or are on the teetering verge of becoming an official member of the Club.  If you cannot move forward at this point, you should probably experience a séance, or
something, to find your own path.